A short film about helplessness

It is saturday afternoon. The young couple Denise and Frank have been shopping and are lugging now their bags home. Facing the charming Frank, Denise is dismissive. Pretending that an approaching car is dangerous, Frank wraps Denise in his arms and manages to cheer her up.
Suddenly there is a knock on Frank's shoulder. It is the driver, a pensioner. He challenges the couple.

technical details
Germany, 2010, fiction, 9", shooting format: HD, screeningformats: 35 mm, 25 fps, 1:1,85, Bluray 25 fps, 16:9, Dolby stereo, German with English, French and Spanish subtitles

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cast and crew
Aylin Tezel
Frank Klaas Heufer-Umlauf
Driver Friedhelm Ptok


script, director and editor Biene Pilavcı
dop Lars Petersen
make-up Monique Bredow, Esra Pilavcı
producer Max Milhahn
sound design Manfred Bieckmeier
music Giardini di Miró (original Soundtrack "Once again a fond farewell")
sound re-recording mixer Alexandrè Leser
producer Biene Pilavcı
co-producer Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakadmie Berlin (DFFB)


Director's statement
Frank and Denise are a typical young couple of our hysterical times. They compensate their own trials and tribulations with a technique of mimicry, with him embodying a James Dean figure fit for every day, and her doing her best as an Audrey-Hepburn-type of temperamental beauty. Why? Nobody knows, least of all the couple themselves.

By avoiding authentic feelings and sentiments they craftily manage not to have to admit to their own vulnerability. Until the confrontation with someone, who excels at their own game, draws them out of their reserve: They find themselves in a situation, for which their behavioural repertoire does not cater. There's a small rift. For a brief moment, they are truly themselves. Frightened by so much intimacy they can only divert the gaze from each other. What to do? Proceed as usual? Or begin to trust one another? Here the situation is so absurd and grotesque that helpless laughter provides the only available recourse - the difference being, it is openly displayed this time.

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