a short film about unconnectedness

The haired Antonia calls her mother Zora, the radio host on her show and tells her to come home. But Zora has other plans for tonight. All alone Antonia injures herself. 
While Zora joins a cuddle party. Next morning they meet each other in the metrotram.

jule bowe und Denise Weihrauch

technical details
Germany, 2008, 14'', fiction, shooting format: s 16 mm, endformat: Digi Beta, 25 p, 16:9, Dolby stereo, German without English subtitles

jule bowe

cast and crew
Antonia Denise Weihrauch
Zora Jule Böwe

script and director Biene Pilavcı
dop Philipp Baben der Erde
edit Daniela Grosch

sound Julian Holzapfel, Hendrik Schmidt
sound design Manfred Bieckmeier
music The ocean
producer Biene Pilavcı, Myriam Eichler
production Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)

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Director´s statement
It doesn´t have to be good for being good.

What happens to people who live in a world of coolness after work? Do they go out for a beer with the other jerks? And what happens to the eleven year old Antonia? Does she imitate her mother Zora´s coll lifestyle?

Only while wearing a mask Antonia is able to endure the lack of emotion under which she, on the one side, suffers, but on the other side, still knows how to deal with. It is a mask which is linked with pains and renunciations. Behind that mask a demand is hidden as well as a feeling of shame; two aspects which both are containing the same - inner emptiness.

On the first glance Zira tries to escape from her loneliness by hangng around on anonymous cuddle parties, searching for something that she thought she has lost a long time before.
In that kind of envoronment there are no questions, no answers - no coolness. Nothing but being. But to give away the mask also means to put on another one. A diaphragm which is built on no obligations is collapsing in itself as soon as there is something putting pressure from outside.
It turns out very quickly at that sad trend by the USA there are still no solutions.

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