On family and other delusions

While Inge (40), the mother, increasingly loses the plot, her daughter Marie (14) takes over her chores. At the same time she's regularly abused sexually by her father Gerd at night. Encouraged by an impending doctor's visit Inge seduces Gerd and successfully manages to make his advances look like rape. Gerd is taken away by police, Inge manages to look after her son again, and Marie is free to leave home.

technical details
Germany, 2006, 14", shooting format: 16 mm, screening format: Digi Beta 4:3, language: German, subtitles: not existing

cast and crew
Marie Linn Reusse
Father Uwe Preuss
Mother Kerstin Reimann
Brother Mikail Sefer

script and director  Biene Pilavcı
dop Tobias von dem Borne
sound Julian Holzapfel
set design Maja Zogg
make-up Semra Güzel Kader, Franziska Hüschelheim
edit Daniela Grosch
music Can Erdogan-Sus
producer Biene Pilavcı
production Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)

phone +49 30 41 95 76 32
mobile +49 157 88 42 14 34