Most of my work investigates the impossibility of bridging the gaps between human intimacy and distance. My protagonists prefer an inner migration to proximity with even their most loved ones, and appear comfortable in their cocoon. A subtle yearning to overcome those self-imposed barriers does, however, also exist. A constant dilemma between needing to be loved and seeking privacy. Any ideal is impossible to achieve. The differences blur, between victim and perpetrator, good and evil, black and white. None of my characters really believe in potential change or mental progress, yet events teach them otherwise - and change happens subtly, almost imperceptibly.

  • 2014 Chronicle of a Revolt - One Year Istanbul, doc (script, director, editor, producer) 83', 57'
  • 2013 Dancing Alone, doc (script, director, editor) 98'
  • 2010 The Tear, fiction (script, director, editor) 09"
  • 2009 The Deviation, fiction (script, director, editor) 05"
  • 2008 The Red One & Zora, fiction, (script, director) 14"
  • 2006 Knots in the carpet, fiction (script, director) 16"
  • 2005 Dancing Alone, doc (script, director, editor) 15"
  • 2005 Live long, fiction (script, director) 15‘‘

Chronicle of a Revolt - One Year Istanbul participated at the follwoing fetsivals:
2015 20th Festival do Rio, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (worldpremier)

Dancing Alone
participated at the following Festivals:
2015 12th Cronograf Chisinau, Moldavia, best international documentary - won
2014 07th Izmir Ege Üniversitesi Documentary Festival, Turkey
2014 17th Ucan Süpürge Women Festival Ankara, Turkey
2014 06th Ankara TRT Documentary Festival, Turkey
2014 25th I'nat. Filmfestival Ankara, Turkey
2014 16th Eskisehir Filmfestival, Turkey
2014 Horea Bernea Studio, Bukarest, Rumania
2014 13th !F Istanbul Independent Film Festival, Istanbul, Turkey
2013 05th Hangi Insan Haklari, Istanbul/Turkey
2013 04th Hangi Insan Haklari, Izmir/Turkey
2013 10th Filmz – Festival des deutschen Kinos, Mainz, Germany
2013 20th Astra Filmfestival Sibiu/Rumania, bester international documentary - won
2013 02nd Duhok Filmfestival/Irak
2013 50th Filmfestival in Antalya, Turkey, best documentary - won
2013 06th Documentarist, Istanbul, Turkey (Turkeypremier)
2013 20th Dok.fest München, German competition - special mention
2013 13th Docaviv, Tel Aviv/Israel (international premier)
2013 09th Achtung Berlin - new berlin film award, best documentary - won
2013 10th Dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg
2013 34th Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis Saarbrücken, Germany
2012 55th DOK Leipzig (worldpremier), German competition, Germany

The Tear
participated at the following festivals:
2010 31st Max – Ophüls – Preis, Saarbrücken (worldpremier)
2010 I'nat. Filmfest Dresden, Germany
2010 I'nat. Cinema Jove International Film Festival, Valencia, Spain
2010 Open Air Film Festival Weiterstadt, Germany
2010 10th Shortmoves – 10th International Film Festival, Halle, Germany
2010 Reykjavik International Filmfestival, Iceland 

The  Red One & Zora
participated at the following festivals:
I'nat. Ankara Festival, Turkey
I'nat. Filmfestival Krakow, Poland
40th I'nat. Worldfest Houston, Texas, USA, platinum Student award - won
66th I'nat. Mostra Internazionale d’Arte Cinematografica, Italy
I'nat. Strasbourg, France

  • 2010 Saatchi & Saatchi, New Directors Showcase for The Tear
  • 2010 Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll for The Tear
  • 2013 50th Filmfestival in Antalya, Turkey, best documentary for Dancing Alone - won
  • 2013 09th Achtung Berlin - new berlin film award, best documentary for Dancing Alone - won
  • 2013 20th Astra Filmfestival Sibiu, Romania, best international documentary for Dancing Alone - won
  • 2013 20th Dok.fest München, Section German documentary for Dancing Alone - special mention
  • 2015 12th Cronograf Chisinau, Moldavian, best international documentary for Dancing Alone - won
Dancing Alone:
  • 2012 HFF Babelsberg Montageforum
  • 2012 Wilhelm das war nix, Wilhelmspalais Stuttgart
  • 2013 100. Bremen Heimspiel
  • 2013 Freiluftkino Friedrichshain Berlin
  • 2013 Tüpisch Türkisch, Köln
  • 2013 Peter kommt auch, Berlin
  • 2014 ODAG psychologists conference to the theme „Dreams of traumatised children“ Izmir, Turkey 


1977 Biene Pilavcı has born and grown up near Stuttgart. Biene's varied early career includes completing an apprenticeship as a painter and decorator, gaining a diploma in marketing and retail business for interior decorators as well as co-founding independent, grass-roots socio-cultural centre Escanda in Asturias while living in Spain for a year, before embarking on her dream and taking up film direction studies at Berlin's prestigious Deutsche Film und Fernsehakademie (DFFB).

Biene completes several shorts while studying at dffb, making the acclaimed RISS (THE TEAR) with actors Klaas Heufer-Umlauf and Aylin Tezel. She closes her course in 2012, finishing with a documentary on the power of family cohesion, ALLEINE TANZEN / DANCING ALONE, which sparked off a huge debate in Turkey on domestic violence.

Against the background of the 2013/14 Gezi protests in Istanbul, Biene makes CHRONIK EINER REVOLTE - EIN JAHR ISTANBUL / CHRONICLE OF A REVOLT – ONE YEAR ISTANBUL which is co-directed by Ayla Gottschlich. The documentary is her second full-length film asking searching questions about what true democracy might be. The film was transmitted on European broadcaster arte TV and featured on the Das Kleine Fernsehspiel slot on German public service channel ZDF, in two different-length edits.

Biene is based in Berlin and she is currently working on a fictional sex&crime mini series with the working title MACHT DER LAKAIEN / THE LACKEY'S POWER. The story concerns a solitary business journalist and reluctant escort, as she penetrates the highest echelons of global business.

Biene is a core member of Pro Quote Filmand and co-founder of the filmpolitician initiative Nichtmeintatort. 


As a filmmaker, Biene has an ability to capture the moment, whether it be working in the medium of documentary or fiction. This has allowed her films to reach a wide audience. As a director Biene trusts her actors and protagonists, as a writer she trusts her characters. It is the story that dictates the creative approach for any given project.
Biene offers production services, applying her strengths as a great communicator and organiser. Biene also works as a script consultant, offering dramaturgic advice, as well as an editor, and a German-Turkish translator. She is proficient in Avid media composer, Final cut pro and the subtitling program Annotation Edit.
A selction of her references are
KACIS (ESCAPE) by Kenan Kavut (translating/subtitling)
SIVAS by Kaan Müjdeci (editor)
ARAF - SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN by Yeşim Ustaoğlu (German dialogue script)
TOBACCO GIRL by Biljana Garvanlieva (translating/subtitling)
TIME OF HAZELNUTS by Hakan Savaş Mican (translating/subtitling)
THE RASPBERRY EMPIRE by Andres Veiel (spotting/subtitling)


Biene is currently working on a fictional sex&crime mini series with the working title MACHT DER LAKAIEN / THE LACKEY'S POWER. Based on a true event, the story concerns the metamorphosis of a German-Turkish journalist and reluctant escort, as she penetrates the highest echelons of global business. Therefore Birnur just got the funding commitment for the exposé by the German private TV channel Prosiebensat1 and the screenwriters association VDD.

In November 2016 CHRONICLE OF A REVOLT - ONE YEAR ISTANBUL will be shown within the "Campaigning for Nonviolent Change"-Training in "KURVE Wustrow - Center for Training and Networking for Nonviolent Action" as case study for peacefull protest. The participants are coming from Nepal, Myanmar, Southsudan, Palastine, Ukraine, the Balkan and Germany.

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